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Update: We have openings for postdocs to join our group. 


                                           Postdoctoral scholar: Climate mitigation and adaptation solutions


Climate Solutions to Water, Energy, Food Systems

Addressing the most urgent questions surrounding the sustainability of the Earth System

We study climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions to food, energy, and water systems. Our work aims to understand and find ways to address the challenge of meeting global demand for water, energy and food while averting environmental impacts. We are researching sustainable irrigation and fertilizer strategies in order to maximize agricultural output and feed the growing population without exacerbating the global climate crisis.

Key research questions are:​

  • How can we provide sustainable access to food and water?

  • How does climate change impact water scarcity in agriculture?

  • How does climate change affect agricultural assets, and what risks does it pose?

  • How to adapt agriculture to climate change? How to mitigate its impacts?

About Carnegie Science

Founded in 1902, Carnegie Science is an independent research institution that pursues scientific breakthroughs to transform our understanding of life, planets, and the universe. Carnegie Science researchers ask and answer the biggest questions of our time, defining new areas of study and leading bold investigations in the life and environmental sciences, Earth and planetary science, and astronomy and astrophysics. Building on more than a century of groundbreaking discovery, Carnegie Science advances basic science to expand the frontiers of knowledge for all. To learn more, visit

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